Bucket List Goals

  1. Publish a piece of writing.
  2. Publish photography.
  3. Get Yoga teacher certified.
  4. Run an ultra.
  5. Visit Morocco.
  6. Visit all the National Parks (9 of 59). (Added Grand Teton 7/5/18)
  7. Attend the India Blue City Festival.
  8. See the Northern Lights.
  9. Sit in hot springs.
  10. Rent a cabin in Sweden.
  11. Attend NYC Fashion Week.
  12. Go Zero Waste.
  13. Live in Vermont.
  14. Be with horses (ride, work, volunteer).
  15. Read all of Jane Austen’s works (Lady Susan and half of Emma remain).
  16. Take voice lessons.
  17. See a show at Red Rocks. (Avett Brothers 7/1/18 and SO FREAKING WORTH IT)
  18. Have 6 months of emergency savings.
  19. Own a pair of Louboutin shoes.
  20. Visit all 50 States (36 of 50 + DC).
    1. Connecticut (August 2018)
    2. South Carolina
    3. Georgia
    4. Mississippi
    5. Arkansas
    6. Oklahoma
    7. Kansas
    8. Nebraska
    9. Wisconsin
    10.  Indiana (August 2017)
    11. Iowa
    12. Minnesota (August 2018)
    13. North Dakota
    14. South Dakota
    15. Montana
    16. Wyoming (July 2018)
    17. Idaho (July 2018)
    18. Hawaii
    19. Alaska
  21. Volunteer at an animal sanctuary. (Done September 2017 and will do again.)
  22. Volunteer at the Creative Alliance. (Started June 2017!)
  23. Visit the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA). (August 2017)
  24. Take a vacation to Pittsburgh (my hometown) and do Pittsburgh things!
  25. See a performance at the Kennedy Center in DC.
  26. Chincoteague Pony Swim
  27. Become well-versed in a new subject.
  28. Complete my Master’s. (December 2016)
  29. Design a perennial and herb garden for myself.
  30. Take a language class (French or Italian).
  31. Blog and Instagram regularly and authentically. (In progress - defined as 1 post x week)
  32. Run a marathon (June 2008)
  33. Run the Covered Bridges Half Marathon (June 2010)
  34. Run another Half Marathon.
  35. Run a Turkey Trot.
  36. See Wait Wait in Chicago.
  37. Open an Etsy store (November 2017)
  38. Go to a full rolfing session.
  39. Go to a rodeo.
  40. Live in the same town as Kelly.
  41. Do photography as an element of my career.
  42. Visit PEI and follow the Anne of Green Gables itinerary.
  43. See Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  44. Teach (something!)
  45. See a Kenny Chesney concert in the pit.
  46. Motorcycle cross-country.
  47. Visit the giant Redwoods.
  48. Take a State College vacation (stay at Nittany Lion Inn, hike Mt Nittany).
  49. See a football game at all the Big 10 stadiums. (1 of 14)
  50. See the Bread and Puppet Theater.
  51. See Phantom of the Opera.
  52. Visit Nepal with Kyle.
  53. Develop a daily meditation practice.
  54. Assemble the Rome book as an Art Journal.
  55. Work on a farm.
  56. Call myself an artist, photographer, and writer. (July 2017)
  57. Create a Harry Potter trunk.
  58. See A Fine Frenzy/Alison Sudol in concert.
  59. Meet Grace Potter.
  60. Go backpacking.
  61. Finish the Susannah Conway Love Letters project. (In progress)
  62. Finish The Artist’s Way. (May 2018)
  63. Stay in a yurt.
  64. Visit my grandparent’s former home in Fitzwilliam, NH.
  65. Eat majority of food locally.
  66. Learn how to line dance.
  67. Become proficient at banjo.
  68. Pay off all our student loans. (In progress)
  69. Run my 5th Ragnar.
  70. Bike to work an average of 1x per week.
  71. Attend all the Triple Crown races.
    1. Kentucky Derby
    2. Preakness (2010)
    3. Belmont Stakes
  72. Zipline.
  73. Go to high tea.
  74. Visit Harry Potter World (Orlando).
  75. Visit Harry Potter London Studio Tour.
  76. Attend a Tara Brach meditation retreat. (December 2016)
  77. Attend Charm City Yoga’s midtown meditation course.
  78. Attend a Rocky Mountain School of Photography course.
  79. Go to Squirrel Fest in Washington State.
  80. Learn to blind hem.
  81. Tailor my own clothes.
  82. Go on a girls weekend with Cait.
  83. Hike (part of) the Appalachian Trail.
  84. Take a surfing lesson.
  85. Get a second arrow tattoo.
  86. Become proficient in Lightroom. (Still always learning)
  87. Replace my HP computer with a Macbook.
  88. Set up my professional website. (July 31, 2017!!)
  89. See a show at the Opry.
  90. Start a donation practice with the goal of 10% of my salary. (In progress.)
  91. 100% Vegan all the time (or 98% of the time??).
  92. Attend a Wanderlust Festival.
  93. Coach cross country.
  94. Create my own secret garden.
  95. Make my own kombucha.
  96. Take off 3-5 months to travel around the country in a van.
  97. Have a net worth of $1,000,000
  98. Learn how to maintain my own bike.
  99. Learn how to change a flat (car) tire.
  100. Go fly fishing.
  101. Pay for a child’s college education.
  102. Start a scholarship fund.
  103. Drive Highway 1 in California.
  104. Photograph for a brand or visitor’s bureau.  
  105. Horseback ride on a beach.
  106. Own 2 cats named Clive and Staples.
  107. Take a wood-working class.
  108. Take a jewelry class.
  109. Host a large, outdoor dinner party.
  110. Complete Kimberly Wilson's Creative Conscious Business Course.
  111. Take Sara Tasker's Instagram course.
  112. Go indoor rock climbing.
  113. Go outdoor rock climbing.
  114. Own a horse.
  115. Own several rescue animals.
  116. Live debt free.
  117. Visit Germany. (May 2018)
  118. Learn to make seed bead necklaces.
  119. Be an artist in residence at a National Park.

Updated 8/14/2018