I haven't been on my computer much in the past week or two, but I wanted to post these pictures from Kacey Musgraves on Valentine's Day at Rams Head Live.  "Follow Your Arrow" is one of my theme songs for 2015 and Cait and I sported little temporary arrow tattoos for the show.  Since we were up on the balcony without a zoom lens, most of these are wide angle rather than up close, but I touched up the color a bit to give a better idea of just how punching it was.  Of course, now that I've started my photography course, I already know at least 15 ways I could have improved these photos, and intend to do so at my next show!  

Kacey1 (2) Kacey2 Kacey3 Kacey4 Kacey5 Kacey6

I love concert photography.  Love love love it.  It combines two amazing things - live music and raw emotion.  Artists let it all out, everything they are feeling, pouring it into their craft and to capture a single moment of it is an exhilarating challenge.  I remember the exact moment I fell in love with the art - some time in the early-mid 2000s, I was taking photos for an ex-boyfriend who had designed the lighting for the summer Arts Fest concert for which Lit was the headliner.  I couldn't tell you a single song by Lit now, but I will never forget capturing the most perfect moment of the lead singer, wreathed by red and orange light, with his arms extended and head thrown back, completely in the moment in front of the crowd.