Autumn in Vermont

EmilyLewisCreative_20191009_Vermont Fall-53.jpg

New England is known for it’s peak leaf season and while I’d been to Vermont a bunch of times, I’d never been there in the fall. Fortunately that changed this October when I headed up for several interviews. The only problem is it becomes hard to drive when you’re constantly staring out the window and the stunning landscape! I’m not ashamed to admit that I drove with my camera on my lap and more than once checked my rearview, stopped the car, and threw on my flashers to pop out for a quick snap. Another fortunate thing about Vermont is A. lack of traffic and B. a lot of public access pull offs for boating, fishing or viewing. This trip took me to Central Vermont, around Woodstock and Randolph, and all the way up to the Northeast Kingdom to Newport and Lake Willoughby, including the farm I WWOOFed at this summer. I promise to have more posts about the summer farm experiences, but I’m still going through several hundred photos from the month. I hope you’ve been able to peep some leaves this fall and, if not, enjoy these beauts from the Green Mountain State!

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