Sherwood Gardens

Define Me a Creative Life


I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity recently.  What does that word actually mean and how do I want it to influence my life?  By definition, my day job is a creative career, but rarely does it feel that way.  I do believe that every decision I make, every podcast I listen to, book and blog I find and read, things I do, other creators I find, are another star on some constellation yet to be defined.  The way I cook, the way I write, the way I find shows and plays and movies and exhibits to be inspired by, the photographs I take.  All creativity.  But I get impatient.  I want to do so many things, yet I get started on one, find something else, and shift my focus, always leaving the pursuit undone, half finished.  My life’s good, that’s for sure; I’ve worked hard for it to be so.  But with such a radical shift through this past year, how can I expect the rest of the world around me to be at the same pace?  It’s like watching a TV show where the sound and the picture are just out of sync, just enough to irritate you, but not enough to turn it off.  I feel out of sync with the world I’m in.  I no longer fit and I’m not sure how to find my tribe and my new place in the world.  There are lots of things I love about where I love – the proximity of work and home and arts and entertainment and the harbor and friends and coworkers.  But could I find both that and the missing pieces somewhere else?

Does this even sound like a conversation about creativity anymore?  I guess I want to be the one to define my life and my time, not someone else.  Saying yes because I want to, not because I feel like I should.  To stop listening to the critics and the doubters who claim to have my best interests at heart when they really have their own fear and insecurities.  I think creativity permeates all parts of life.  The obvious like art and music and literature and writing and photography, but also food and style and home and abundance and relationships and money and priorities and sustainability and nature.  I’m really trying to take small steps every day.  I’m doing this 100 Days of Creativity challenge where you commit to 5 minutes each day in a creative pursuit.  For me that is focused on photography, primarily editing my backlog of photos.  It’s easy to take 600 photos in Paris.  It’s hard to sit and cull them.  Just 5 minutes, though, and I end up closer to 20 or 30.  Even if I don’t know how to use them now, they will be ready when I need them. 

I’m finding creativity in my morning writing, tea and meditation.  In cooking and reading beautiful cookbooks that focus on local, sustainable and vegan cooking.  In buying local food and supporting my farmer, George.  In simplifying my home to make room for meaningful use of time and space.  This “Be Creative” call is so easy and so hard to do, because it’s different to anyone you ask.  I want to create beautiful things, infused with emotion.  I want to live mindfully.  Watch birds in trees.  Watch squirrels.  Drink coffee to taste it, not get a caffeine buzz.  Support people who work with their hands.  And write this so I can come back later when I am questioning everything once again and remind myself to take it 5 minutes at a time, day by day.