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Terrapin Nature Park Family Photography Session | Maryland's Eastern Shore

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I love photographing families for multiple years, seeing how they have grown and changed. This fall I was able to work with Jeff and Christie and their two kids, Brice and Sadie, for the second year in a row. Last year Sadie was barely standing on her own and this year she was running down the beach by herself! We explored Maryland’s Eastern Shore over at Terrapin Nature Park, just across the Bay Bridge, to get some photos on the bay with the bridge in the background - both are true icons of the state! No one could keep Brice from the water - he ran right in, splashing around and at one point finding a fishing net to play with. Sadie loved every rock or stick she found and would have happily played in the mud all day if she could have! As the sun began to rise, a beach cleaning event began and we made our way back to the cars, with promises of breakfast for the kids. I’m so glad we found this spot and I hope to continue to document these four over the years!

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Baltimore Pride Parade

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I can’t believe that this year was my first Pride Parade! It was such an incredible event with so much love and acceptance surrounding everyone. I’m so grateful for my friend Steve and his boyfriend Mike who made me feel welcome and introduced me to their friends. While it was beautiful and colorful and fun, it’s important to remember how it began and what it means for people who may not have been accepted and may still not feel accepted by many parts of our society. It’s been a long struggle for equality and still is an incredible struggle. Stonewall was only 50 years ago and things are happening today trying to erase all the progress that has been made towards equality.

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Even though this event was 4+ months ago, we shouldn’t wait for just one month to highlight and support the LGBTQ+ community so I’m happy to share these images now. I’m trying every day to be a better ally and that means listening and educating myself and sharing photos of my LGBTQ+ friends and demanding that our communities and our governments do better. I could never find the best words to describe Pride, so instead I will use those generously shared with me.

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“As far as Pride goes, I finally feel included after all of these years of people telling me I was just confused. Gay and straight people alike would tell me bisexuality wasn’t a thing and it really messed with me. Now I finally feel like I’m not “other” and I’m included, even though we had LGBT in college, the BT really got ignored. Now we have LGBTQ etc and maybe in another 50 years we won’t need labels like that if we keep pushing, because there are so many people who think being who you’re born to be is “unnatural” when it’s the most natural thing in the universe to be yourself. I hope that my child will not have as many labels and prejudices to sift through but with this administration it will mean we have to fight harder and PRIDE louder for our place in equality.” - Ashley

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“Pride is accepting yourself after years of not knowing what was wrong with you.
Pride is teaching yourself sex education.
Pride is killing your own god.
Pride is coming out to your friends and family even if you fear that they may disown you.
Pride is becoming the family your friends have lost.

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“Pride is speaking out against injustice in a place full of people who think you shouldn't exist.
Pride is going to class every single day even though you will get misgendered and deadnamed every. single. day.
Pride is meeting her parents, even though her father asks her "why not a boyfriend?"
Pride is when you keep walking with your head held high after a man shouts "faggot" at you on the street.
Pride is learning the history they never taught you in school, history people will tell you "never happened".

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“Pride is grieving every single soul who was taken from us too soon - by bigots, by the police, by the AIDS epidemic, by their own weary hands.
Pride is going out to the gay club, knowing you may not return home.
Pride is defending trans children from legislators and the uneducated masses.
Pride is using the public restroom.
Pride is consuming all the gay media you never had as a child.

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“Pride is making your own stories so you can finally see yourself represented.
Pride is shopping in the "wrong section" of the store, secretly worried someone will say something.
Pride is painting your boys' nails for them and complimenting their makeup.
Pride is choosing not to take your own life even when death feels like the most peaceful escape.
Pride is cutting all your hair off and finally recognizing the reflection in the mirror.

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“Pride is changing your own name.
Pride is not lying at job interviews even though no one will hire you now.
Pride is working in a state that can legally fire you for your sexual orientation/ gender identity.
Pride is wanting to start a family even though people think you're a poison to children.
Pride is choosing love in a world that chooses hate - a world where homosexuality is still punishable by death, where people tell you there shouldn't be a pride month because "you people aren't oppressed".” - Kalven

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Alpha Rho Chi Convention | Houston Event Photography


This spring was my third year of capturing the annual convention for Alpha Rho Chi, the professional fraternity for architecture and the allied arts. Even though I was a national officer, photographing the event is always something I love to do, and can hopefully continue in the future, now that my term as Director of Finance is over. The Convention moves around the country from year to year, trying to vary how far members have to travel, so that the burden isn’t always on one coast or the other, and this year was in Houston, Texas. I’ve been to Houston multiple times and really enjoy the city, though this event doesn’t allow me much time to venture farther than the hotel. It started on Thursday night with a welcome reception at The Grove in downtown Houston, then moved into two days of business where delegates from each chapter and alumni association oversaw the operations of the fraternity and voted on official items, and a final awards banquet on Saturday night.

I’ve been involved in the fraternity (yes, it’s coed) for 17 years, both as a student and a professional, taking on a variety of roles from alumni association treasurer to Regional Director to Director of Finance to unofficial photographer and I’ve grown and learned more about leadership and about myself, developing new skills and confidence, than in nearly any other part of my life. It’s enabled me to meet people from all over the country and maintain a coast to coast network - to the extent that I have other friends reach out to me when looking to visit or move somewhere because they don’t know anyone else who has that national reach! Three weeks ago I attended a wedding of some fraternity friends in Connecticut and in two weeks I head to Mississippi for a football game with another group of fraternity friends. In addition to the friends I’ve made, I love seeing the students grow in leadership and professional skills and seeing that spark when we acknowledge that we see something special and unique in them.

So here’s a cross-section of the weekend, from informal to business to all classed up! Special thanks to Asher, one of our Mississippi State students, for taking over the camera during the banquet for some shots with me in them.


Mary and Vinny | Elfreth's Alley | Philadelphia Couples Photography


I love photographing new places and when I was in Philadelphia this summer I was able to convince Mary and Vinny to get up early on a Sunday morning for some cute shots down the equally cute Elfreth’s Alley in historic Philly. Mary and I met through mutual acquaintances in our professional fraternity and became friends only about a year ago but she’s someone I hope to have as a friend for life! This weekend was my first time meeting Vinny and I could quickly see why Mary loves him so much! While I’ve been to Philadelphia multiple times, I’ve never really explored the city outside of the same music and sports venues, so they toured us around all day on Saturday, somehow having enough energy to do these photos BEFORE coffee on Sunday! Elfreth’s Alley is the nation’s oldest residential street - yes people still live on it! - so we had to be mindful of shooting right on people’s front stoops. Enjoy these adorable photos - I still can’t get enough!