Magical Morning

Sometimes you are lucky enough to have an unexpected magical morning.  I unexpectedly had to run out to a site for work yesterday morning, our coldest day yet in Northern Maryland, hitting around 14 degrees plus some windchill.  This part of Harford County is rural and beautiful and as I turned east towards my site, I entered a dirt road, barely wide enough for two cars to pass, following the meandering path of Deer Creek as it lingered towards the Susquehanna.  The Creek was icy, but still forging ahead.  A conclave of Northern Cardinals swooped in front of my car, persuading me to extract myself from heated seats and brave the wind, crimson against the brown veil of forest. DSC_1040

I pulled over and was drawn to the water by the squeaks and groans of ice passing ice.  A solitary Kingfisher made his presence known, demanding this territory to be his alone, save the wind in the trees.

Later, turning for home, I crossed the creek again, over a historic, single lane bridge, bringing into view an old red barn, rehabbed at some point in its life to a house.  Three doors to nothing but space marked the north side with a pulley rope and hook hanging down, indicating some prior use.