Best of 2018 | 10 Favorite Family Photos | Baltimore Family Photography

I felt blessed to be able to work with so many great people this past year and I love being able to help tell their stories! I knew I wanted to do a little round up both to thank those who trusted me to capture their family moments and to remind myself of the progress I’ve made in my work. It’s hard to pick favorites because I want wrap up all my photos like kittens and yell “I love all my babies!!!” (Except the ones I don’t. You’ll never see those. Pictures, that is, not babies or kittens. I love all kittens. And most babies. I’m getting off topic…) Anyway, thanks to all you wonderful people who help me do what I love!


Kim&Mark Engagement-29.jpg

Kim and Mark were one of the first couples I worked with and I am ever grateful for their patience with me! I was super nervous and they were super nervous, but we eventually relaxed into it. They sent out their Save-the-Date cards a couple weeks ago using a few of my photos which is the biggest thrill to me! I picked this as my favorite from their session not because it doesn’t show their faces (they have lovely faces!!) but just because I really love the composition of their hands together, the bright pink of Kim’s skirt, and the water of the harbor fading in the background.



Visiting my friend Jordana and her son in Germany this spring was one of the highlights of my year. Since she’s a single mom she doesn’t get many photos with her in them and so I tried to keep my camera close through most of the trip. She’s such a great and expressive mom and I couldn’t stop laughing during this lunch one day! I love her expression and the pure joy on her son’s face from eating mac n’ cheese.


Stump Family-38.jpg

Brice is 4 and a RUNNER. Jeff and Christie wanted a few family picture of them and their 2 kids, but knew it would be tough to get Brice to stay still for more than a couple seconds at at time. We did get some of the 4 of them, but generally just him do his thing and I captured him in the moment, like jumping out of this mini car. It’s my favorite way to photograph - just do your thing and let me document it!



Obviously, this is going to be my FAVORITE couple because they’re my parents! We went to this awesome restaurant and brewery, Millworks, in Harrisburg this fall for my brother’s birthday and of course I was toting my camera around with me. The light was so beautiful, filtering in through the windows of the old building, and I assure you NO ONE FELT AWKWARD while I was taking pictures of them pre-lunch (lies, they were like WTF are you doing can we just drink our beer) but they are clearly the cutest ever and sometimes you just have to go with it. Trust the process….


French Creek-65.jpg

Another biased claim that this is the cutest kid ever because A. he is, and B. he’s my nephew. No worries to all the other parents out there, your kid is the cutest too, but for real - just look at this guy. This was the first cold weekend of the year back in October and we were all out camping in Pennsylvania where I guarantee he is warmer than I am at the moment of this photo. I don’t know who is swinging him around, and he doesn’t seem to care, he’s just immensely delighted at the activity!


Chinnis Family-1.jpg

I felt truly honored to take pictures for Sally and Jeremy this fall. Sally had a hard pregnancy with Taryn and they wanted to celebrate finally being all home together. They have a beautiful home with tons of light here in Baltimore with their two girls, baby Taryn, and 3.5 year old Cora. I love how the focus of both the photo and Jeremy’s attention are on Taryn.


Miller Family-12.jpg

Derek is one of those people who when you ask how I know him I have to stop and think because there are so many random ways we came to meet 10 years ago. He and his wife Kara are some of the most compassionate people I know and a little over a year and a half ago they decided to start the process of fostering. It’s an intense process that demands much patience and faith and they do it beautifully with this little girl. For privacy purposes I can’t share any other photos from their session, but we had a wonderful morning in the park walking around the boat lake and then playing on the swings and slide.


Dillenburg Family-4.jpg

Can I just leave this photo right here? No explanations needed, right?? I photographed Niki, Ted and Sammy when I went back to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving at Hartwood Acres. Niki and I have been friends for over half our lives, I was in her wedding, and she is a balm to the soul to be around. I just love this picture of them smooching little Sam, who is clearly less than delighted, and everything in his expression sums up the “tough life of a child”. He then wiped his face off and went back to looking for the ball my husband was throwing behind me.


McNamara Family-6.jpg

Back-to-back images that make me want to scream “I.CANT.EVEN!!” Chuck and Rachel exude such a natural and genuine love for each other that they settled right into the shoot and every photo was more precious and genuine than the last. What is it about this one?? The light enveloping them? Their gaze at each other? Their love for this little girl? All of the above? Yes, all of the above and more.


Anderson 2018-6.jpg

Christina and Nate braved the cold of New York City all the way from Arizona in December. They went through some extremely tough times this fall and I wanted to help bring them a little joy , so we did photos in a sparkly lit parklet on the Upper East Side of Manhattan while all in town for a visit with friends. They still have each other, and there is magic in that.