New York City - Part 2

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In December Todd and I went to New York City for the combined 4th time since August to hang out with friends and see the famous Christmas displays. I’ve always wanted to visit New York at Christmas and when a bunch of our friends decided to descend on the city in December, it was the perfect opportunity to combine events. New York at Christmas is intense. I assumed that it would be, but until you’re actually there it doesn’t actually hit you that you are one of thousands of additional tourists all there to see the same things.

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We took Friday night to head up to Long Island to visit some friends and their little nugget who is growing by leaps and bounds. Todd got to see a train station even dirtier than DC’s Union as we swapped the bus for the Long Island Railroad. After we checked into our hotel on Saturday morning we walked over to Rockefeller Center to see the famous Christmas tree and somehow managed to find our friends while there. We did a lap, snapped some photos, then stopped in St Patrick’s Cathedral to marvel.

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Our first touristy due diligence complete, we headed back to the Upper East Side for lunch then braved the crowds once more to see the window displays on 5th Avenue and wander around Central Park. Our friends Christina and Nate wanted to get some festive photos together, so we found a cute little parklet just off Park Ave with lots of trees and sparkle and few other people.

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The rest of the night consisted of watching the Texans and Jets at a Sherlock Holmes themed bar, a Secret Santa gift exchange, and plenty of wine and shenanigans with around 15 people packed into a tiny New York City apartment. I love that we have friends from all over the country that will happily fly across it to be together. It reminds me that no matter where I am, or where I end up, true friendships transcend distance.

Awkward selfie time.

Awkward selfie time.

Sunday was wet and miserable so I didn’t pull out my camera too much since, you know, I rather value it and didn’t want it to get as soaked as I did. To combat the weather, we took a visit to the Morgan Museum and Library, since the library is listed as one of the 20 most beautiful in the world, or some type of statistic like that, and it did not disappoint. This dude clearly had money to spare and made every effort to wow. It worked. I felt like Belle, in Beauty and the Beast, or Danielle, in Ever After, just staring up with my mouth open and my hand over my heart.


Next we jumped on the bus to check out Eataly and it was absolutely as impressive as the library. I didn’t make it more than 20 feet before I felt overwhelmed and wanted to consume everything in sight. If you’re unfamiliar, Eataly is a giant Italian marketplace where nearly everything is made from scratch right in front of you. We had fresh pasta, watched fresh mozzarella being made, had cannoli to order, drank wine, and bought chocolate for gifts. We actually went twice, after a walk in the soaking rain we came back, and I’d happily spend an entire NYC trip there. I was so awed I didn’t even pull out my camera and took only two pictures on my phone of my pasta and cannoli.

iPhone captures of the delights of Eataly.

iPhone captures of the delights of Eataly.

We stumbled upon a kid’s store called Camp with a speakeasy concept where you walked through a bookcase into a full camp-like set up, complete with every activity you would have done at summer camp including crafts, dance, sports, nature and more. With all the rain, that was about it for us and we headed back to wait for the bus to take us home. It was a great time with friends and to explore some new parts of the city. Hopefully the next time will involve more food and less rain!

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