Remember that time I went to Germany last month?  I honestly can’t believe it’s been a month already; work’s been a little slow and life been more than a little nuts and I’d be perfectly content to go back and sit out on J’s balcony with the light stretching on until 10 pm, looking out over the town to the wooded hills beyond, imagining just how far we could walk without running into a highway.  When my friend Jordana moved to Germany last year and made an open invitation to visit I knew I would take her up on it and soon.  It was a nice change to have a trip that centered around visiting a friend rather than cramming in as much as possible and I think we managed a balance around the two. 

We flew into Munich and spent our first half day wandering around the city.  We did pass-bys of the typical tourist attractions at Marienplatz and the Glockenspiel, peed at the Hofbrauhaus and then trying to get the F out of there before the crowds became too overwhelming (I get serious anxiety in crowds).  Instead, we dodged bicycles and worked our way over to the English Gardens along the river which are MASSIVE, wandering along the trails until we came across the Chinese Tower (Chinesischer Turm) and associated beer garden where we hung out and started to soak everything in.  A traditional band played Happy Birthday and other random tunes while I had a half liter and Todd indulged in a giant pretzel and we people watched tourists and locals alike under the horse chestnut trees.  Despite our best intentions of spending the evening out, being more-or-less awake for 40 hours began to catch up with us and we passed out in our hotel by 6pm, sleeping until well after 8 the next morning.  Todd found a local café for brunch where we managed to get in JUST before the line flew out the door and had our first experience of learning that it’s pretty obvious we don’t speak German (when they just hand you an English menu before you’ve said barely any words – do we just ooze American??).  The rest of the morning we wandered the residential neighborhoods and marveled over the old architecture, abundance of bikes and ping pong tables in ALL of the parks. Then it was time to get to the train station to head west to the country!

Next post we're heading to Oberkochen!