Fireworks! Baltimore's Monument Lighting

Monument Lighting 2018-1.jpg

Just because it’s January doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy festivities, right? Fireworks are good any time of year. The Monument Lighting of Baltimore’s Washington Monument has always been one of my favorite activities in Baltimore and one of the few things I’ve done nearly every year I’ve lived here. I moved to Mt Vernon in 2008, Baltimore’s glamorous, cultural, and historic neighborhood, because it reminded me of the neighborhoods in Europe that I explored and lived in during my study abroad in college. The Washington Monument is the first one in the United States dedicated to George, even before the one in DC (maybe I should start hash tagging it #realwashingtonmonument) and is why the neighborhood is called Mt Vernon.

Instead of a tree lighting to kick off the holidays in December, Baltimore does a Monument Lighting, with music and food and culminating in the lights strung up around the monument turned on and fireworks set off from the base. From 2008-2018 I’ve missed the lighting one time (for a funeral, so it was a legit miss) and since 2016 I’ve worked with a view of it which makes those years of intense cold a bit easier to withstand. It also makes it easier to get to since I just leave my car in the parking lot instead of fighting for a street spot or the one time we walked home instead of dealing with a cab.

Me and Todd in 2011

Me and Todd in 2011

Since I started messing around with photographing fireworks this past summer, I wanted to try photographing them at the lighting too. So I set up my tripod on my desk, put the remote shutter release on and went to work. It was certainly a beautiful night and I’m happy to have something other than shaky point and shoot clicks to commemorate it over the many years! Thanks, Baltimore, for 10 wonderful years of Monument Lighting!

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