Thoughts on February and March

This winter has been one of the busiest I have ever had. Usually winter is (or is supposed to be) a time of rest, of hibernation, of slowness, but 100% not the case this year. I wanted to blog twice a week this year and I haven’t posted anything in nearly 2 months. But I’m letting myself off the hook because I’ve been home 3 weekends and gone 5 since the start of February, so I think that definitely warrants a pass and a reminder that I can’t do everything. There’s a reason I was sick for 2 months, having run myself completely into the ground with no time to rest.

So instead of resting or sharing my writing or photography I traveled. First to State College then to Tallahassee, St Louis, Pittsburgh and Houston. State College was for hockey, and a visit with my family and our friend Tim, where Penn State decisively won over Minnesota, and then an early drive back to Baltimore for the Maker’s Market at Union Craft Brewing with Bam Co Create where Todd had his first craft show and I made friends photographing the other makers.

My first time visiting Tallahassee was for a workshop with the Alpha Rho Chi chapters at FAMU, where I spent a day with 2 other national representatives reviewing a variety of topics with the students there. We did the same thing the following weekend at Washington University in St Louis. I spend a lot of time in my role as Director of Finance communicating with students, but it’s less frequent that I see them in person, which is so much more fun and rewarding. The creativity and talent of these students blows my mind and makes me incredibly hopeful for the future, particularly of the design fields.

I stayed an extra day in St Louis to visit my friends Kim and Mark, who moved in the summer, and we attempted to fit ourselves down the insane multi-story slides at City Museum and visited the gorgeous Cathedral Basilica of St Louis. The following weekend completed my 4-weekend travel run with a trip to Pittsburgh to hang out with my parents and check off a bucket list item by seeing Phantom of the Opera which I’ve obviously been singing ever since. Of course, no visit to Pittsburgh is complete without going to the Strip District for coffee, tea and cheese, and was also able to catch an exhibit of early 20th century Paris street photography.

So I rolled into March trying to do too many things at once, still being sick, taking a large format photography class at MICA, preparing for the Alpha Rho Chi Convention in Houston, and a whole bunch of other things I can’t actually remember because I feel like I’ve barely paused to reflect. I guess that’s what I’m trying to do here. I really try to avoid using the word busy, but that’s what it was. So busy that I felt guilty when I did stop and do fun things like go to a friend’s party, take a macrame class, see Walk the Moon, and photograph an artist friend. We’ve been trying to do work on our house, including replacing the shower and now fixing the leaking roof so it feels like I’m living in a construction zone most of the time.

The month mostly wrapped up with the fraternity Convention in Houston, which was one of the best I think I have been to yet. !t’s always an intense weekend, as one of the people who has to be “on” the entire time, answering questions and presenting and photographing, but it’s also when I get to see lots of old friends and make some new ones. I came home both over-stimulated and over-tired to a full week of work deadlines, but I’m nearing a break in the rush of it all….

So in this last mad week of March I’m getting ready to see a play with a friend tonight and rest and run errands this weekend. I finalized an essay for Quiet Writing which was published today - maybe the most honest things I’ve shared publicly - on moving from living half-heartedly to wholeheartedly. You can visit Terri’s site here if you’d like to take a read.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me over these past several months! I’m used to the idea that a bit of craziness is just my life, but looking forward to a bit more down time soon.

Photos (L-R, T-B): Walk the Moon; with Mom at Penn State hockey; Todd’s booth at Maker Market; wine time at Reagan National Airport; with the Seshait Chapter of Alpha Rho Chi at FAMU; with friends in Tallahassee; obligatory visit to the Gateway Arch in St Louis; Todd at work remodeling the bathroom; photographing an artist friend; my happy place - with my camera; with some of my favorite people at the Alpha Rho Chi convention in Houston; the old and new board members of Alpha Rho Chi