Thoughts on July

July was awesome.  I had vacation #2, family time, some great progress with my photography projects and celebrated 6 years of marriage with Todd. It was a nice change to have a month where the first word that comes to mind is "awesome" rather than exhausted or busy or blur.  

In fully transparency, I'm writing this on commercial breaks of The Bachelorette, because, ya know, priorities.  Using every minute.  I'd love to sit at my desk with a cup of tea, uninterrupted, but I'm also realistic and not ashamed that this show is my one bit of brain candy I invest in.  I'll be healthy tomorrow.

ANYWAY, July.  I rang in the month in Colorado with Todd and our friends Jen and Matt.  Back in the fall we all realized we had the bucket list goal of going to Red Rocks near Denver, so when the Avett Brothers announced their 3-day run for July, we booked a trip to see their Sunday night show.  It is hands down the best place I've ever seen a show - incredible sound, incredible views, and wonderful to share it with people I love.  Denver also included a hike up Mt Falcon with some local friends, looking out across the Colorado Rockies, and exploring around the city.  From there, Todd and I drove 9 hours through Wyoming and up to Idaho to visit my aunt and uncle, stopping in Medicine Bow National Forest for a hike in the snow at 10,000 feet along the way.  We spent 3 days between Idaho and Wyoming, including 4th of July in Victor and Driggs for a parade, music and fireworks, hiking in Grand Teton National Park and Darby Canyon, exploring Jackson, and just spending time with my family.  I've rarely had the chance to spend much time with my extended family and so it's really hard to express in writing just how much that time meant to me. 

When we returned to Baltimore I volunteered at several Creative Alliance events, including a Spaceballs interactive movie night ("Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.) and a Radney Foster show, where my cowboy boots became a conversation starter.  I met with my bestie, Cait, for lunch and to see Won't You Be My Neighbor, the Mr Rogers documentary that made everyone in the theater cry.  I had a call with my photography mentor who is pushing me to achieve some of my project goals and ideas.  I took a road trip to Pittsburgh for a relaxing weekend to see my parents.  The final weekend Todd and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with a day at Longwood Gardens.

One of the most exciting parts of the month was finally pushing through my fears and making progress on my photography project, A Day in the Life, which kicked off with my post on B-More Bags.  My fear of rejection held me back from getting the project moving (I photographed the group in March and finally posted the finished piece in July) but I couldn't be happier with the reactions and feedback I have received!  I've since initiated my next two pieces with an interview with a local entrepreneur and the first photoshoot with a local organization.  Cheers to fears! 

August is off to a running start with back to back trips and some inspiring conversations and I can't wait to share a more detailed look into my travels and my photography plans!