December Reflections Day 3: Orange

December Reflections Opt2-3.jpg

Orange. This prompt stumped me a little bit at first even though I’m literally wearing an orange sweater right now. But then I thought outside of the box, so to speak. I’ve been feeling a little down this morning - the roller coaster of emotions that comes with trying to make some changes and transitions in my life and the pendulum swings from super excited to what the heck am I thinking - so I decided to treat myself to my favorite drink from the cafe in my building. Decaf orange blossom late with almond milk. Orange!! I have to really need a pick-me-up to be willing to spend the money on this drink, but I’ve never been let down. In the best scenario, I would sit in the cafe and take my time sipping it and writing in my journal, but today needed to get back to work so took it to go. A purchase like coffee won’t change anything concrete, it won’t give me confidence or win me work, but it does help me with enjoying something fairly simple and practicing gratitude for the things I do have control over. I am grateful for a cafe I can walk to during a break from work. I am grateful that someone decided to pair orange with coffee. I am grateful that I have a job and budget that allows me to splurge once in awhile on a ridiculously priced espresso drink. I am grateful for the people and families who have decided to give me a chance and ask me to work with them. Who knows if I’m doing it “right”, but I am doing something. And I can pause and enjoy my coffee.