December Reflections Day 2: Favorite Photo of 2018


This past year had many wonderful moments and trips with beautiful photos, but one of the favorites is of my dear friends during our trip to Germany this spring.  J has one of those souls that seems to see through all the bullshit.  It was such a privilege to stay in her home and spend time getting to know her son and stay up late talking over tea on the porch.  I really do feel so honored every time someone asks me to photograph their family because it allows me to capture and be a part of some truly beautiful moments. This photo was taken at some point in the afternoon when the sun happened to be streaming in at the perfect angle to illuminate the room. It’s kind of amazing to think that in a year which included exploring places like Germany, the Grand Tetons and New York City, my favorite photo would not be of those majestic places, but this moment in time. Our lives move so incredibly fast - in 2 years I could go back to the Tetons and I imagine they will look much the same, but this child will have doubled in age and have learned so much more about his world.

I had already been thinking about this photo for today’s prompt but I think it was solidified for me after having an hour + conversation with J this afternoon. There was so much to catch up on after 6 months! It simultaneously feels like a lifetime has occurred and no time has passed at all. How does time do such a thing?

I went back to see what I selected as my favorite photo of 2017 and it was from the Women’s March in January 2017. Here’s what I wrote:

My favorite photo(s) is not one that I sell or is pretty or is popular. It is from early this year, on a January day, when half the people in our country felt that the world was ended and it was now in our hands to save it. On a January day I joined a few thousand other people outside the Johns Hopkins gates and a few million people worldwide for the Women’s March. I had friends and family marching in over 15 cities. A lot of it certainly is about politics, but a lot is also about the rights of all people to equal justice, equal rights, equal treatment, equal healthcare, equal voices. So many voices are dismissed. This was an enormous moment to hear so many of them come together. These photos remind me of that chilling feeling of solidarity and for that they are my favorite of the year.

Solidarity and standing up for equality with those around the world. Maybe that’s why friendships seemed even more vitally important this year than ever before. Because only together can we ever make a difference in this world.