Thoughts on December

It’s hard to reflect on December without reflecting on the entire year, because I feel like so much energy is spent trying to finish up all the goals and ideas and plans we forged along the way.

Todd and I spent the first weekend prepping for and selling at the Merry Mart holiday fair, which was a little disappointing as we fell far short of our goal for selling my work. Fortunately, our friend Tim came into town and surprised us for dinner, and seeing a close, longtime friend was the pick up we both desperately needed. I finally published my photo documentary on a local wedding photographer and booked a trip for Nashville in January. The holiday season officially kicked off with the annual Monument Lighting in Mt Vernon, followed the next day by my office Christmas party. I photographed a maternity session, a couple in New York City, and a family in front of their Christmas tree. Trying to broaden my photography knowledge, I took a class in DC that turned out to be a bust, but did help a comedian film a sketch in front of the White House.

We went to New York City to see a group of friends, the Christmas decorations in Midtown, and Eataly. We took a detour our first night to visit one of my college friends and her family out on Long Island. I caught up with another friend in Baltimore to see A Wonder in My Soul at Center Stage. Christmas meant visiting family in Pennsylvania the weekend before followed by a relaxing Christmas day spent watching movies and having dinner with friends. The last weekend of the month I assisted a wedding photographer at a beautiful farm in Montgomery County (I was loosing my mind it was so stunning) and then drove to New Jersey to finish the holiday visits. Finally, we rang in the new year with with a group of friends where I stayed up too late and drank too much wine.

The month had some emotional turmoils as well and I spent a lot of time contemplating what is most important to me and how I want to manifest it in 2019.

December blazed by before I realized and now I’m finally taking the time to put my intentions in writing in preparation for all that is to come in our next trip around the sun.