Baltimore Pride Parade

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I can’t believe that this year was my first Pride Parade! It was such an incredible event with so much love and acceptance surrounding everyone. I’m so grateful for my friend Steve and his boyfriend Mike who made me feel welcome and introduced me to their friends. While it was beautiful and colorful and fun, it’s important to remember how it began and what it means for people who may not have been accepted and may still not feel accepted by many parts of our society. It’s been a long struggle for equality and still is an incredible struggle. Stonewall was only 50 years ago and things are happening today trying to erase all the progress that has been made towards equality.

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Even though this event was 4+ months ago, we shouldn’t wait for just one month to highlight and support the LGBTQ+ community so I’m happy to share these images now. I’m trying every day to be a better ally and that means listening and educating myself and sharing photos of my LGBTQ+ friends and demanding that our communities and our governments do better. I could never find the best words to describe Pride, so instead I will use those generously shared with me.

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“As far as Pride goes, I finally feel included after all of these years of people telling me I was just confused. Gay and straight people alike would tell me bisexuality wasn’t a thing and it really messed with me. Now I finally feel like I’m not “other” and I’m included, even though we had LGBT in college, the BT really got ignored. Now we have LGBTQ etc and maybe in another 50 years we won’t need labels like that if we keep pushing, because there are so many people who think being who you’re born to be is “unnatural” when it’s the most natural thing in the universe to be yourself. I hope that my child will not have as many labels and prejudices to sift through but with this administration it will mean we have to fight harder and PRIDE louder for our place in equality.” - Ashley

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“Pride is accepting yourself after years of not knowing what was wrong with you.
Pride is teaching yourself sex education.
Pride is killing your own god.
Pride is coming out to your friends and family even if you fear that they may disown you.
Pride is becoming the family your friends have lost.

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“Pride is speaking out against injustice in a place full of people who think you shouldn't exist.
Pride is going to class every single day even though you will get misgendered and deadnamed every. single. day.
Pride is meeting her parents, even though her father asks her "why not a boyfriend?"
Pride is when you keep walking with your head held high after a man shouts "faggot" at you on the street.
Pride is learning the history they never taught you in school, history people will tell you "never happened".

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“Pride is grieving every single soul who was taken from us too soon - by bigots, by the police, by the AIDS epidemic, by their own weary hands.
Pride is going out to the gay club, knowing you may not return home.
Pride is defending trans children from legislators and the uneducated masses.
Pride is using the public restroom.
Pride is consuming all the gay media you never had as a child.

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“Pride is making your own stories so you can finally see yourself represented.
Pride is shopping in the "wrong section" of the store, secretly worried someone will say something.
Pride is painting your boys' nails for them and complimenting their makeup.
Pride is choosing not to take your own life even when death feels like the most peaceful escape.
Pride is cutting all your hair off and finally recognizing the reflection in the mirror.

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“Pride is changing your own name.
Pride is not lying at job interviews even though no one will hire you now.
Pride is working in a state that can legally fire you for your sexual orientation/ gender identity.
Pride is wanting to start a family even though people think you're a poison to children.
Pride is choosing love in a world that chooses hate - a world where homosexuality is still punishable by death, where people tell you there shouldn't be a pride month because "you people aren't oppressed".” - Kalven

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Autumn in Vermont

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New England is known for it’s peak leaf season and while I’d been to Vermont a bunch of times, I’d never been there in the fall. Fortunately that changed this October when I headed up for several interviews. The only problem is it becomes hard to drive when you’re constantly staring out the window and the stunning landscape! I’m not ashamed to admit that I drove with my camera on my lap and more than once checked my rearview, stopped the car, and threw on my flashers to pop out for a quick snap. Another fortunate thing about Vermont is A. lack of traffic and B. a lot of public access pull offs for boating, fishing or viewing. This trip took me to Central Vermont, around Woodstock and Randolph, and all the way up to the Northeast Kingdom to Newport and Lake Willoughby, including the farm I WWOOFed at this summer. I promise to have more posts about the summer farm experiences, but I’m still going through several hundred photos from the month. I hope you’ve been able to peep some leaves this fall and, if not, enjoy these beauts from the Green Mountain State!

EmilyLewisCreative_20191009_Vermont Fall-3.jpg
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Behind the Scenes: Artist Bronwyn Haymes | Baltimore Art Photography

EmilyLewisCreative_20190315_Bronwyn Haymes-37.jpg

It should come as no surprise that I love capturing details, including behind the scenes of how things are made and created. I met Baltimore artist Bronwyn Haymes several years ago through volunteering at the Creative Alliance where she works the box office and we instantly hit it off. She’s had multiple shows around town, at the CA and elsewhere, showcasing her phenomenal talents combining paint and threadwork on her canvases and I knew I wanted to capture her at work. Last March we met for a morning in her studio at The Creative Labs down along the Jones Falls, a space filled with various artists, art installations, and events. Bronwyn is incredibly candid on Instagram about her journey with alopecia, an autoimmune disease resulting in hair loss, and during this visit she was beginning to find out what that meant for her and was working on a piece that spoke to the relationship with hair. The second piece she worked on that day was taller than her and she was adding the thread details, giving it texture. I had so much fun hanging out with Bronwyn and climbing around her studio to capture these images!

EmilyLewisCreative_20190315_Bronwyn Haymes-10.jpg
EmilyLewisCreative_20190315_Bronwyn Haymes-17.jpg
EmilyLewisCreative_20190315_Bronwyn Haymes-29.jpg
EmilyLewisCreative_20190315_Bronwyn Haymes-22.jpg
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Federal Hill Baltimore Wedding - Second Shooter | Wedding Photography

KEP Wedding-70.jpg

Back in September I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Katherine Callahan at a wedding here in Baltimore. I was joining her for my behind the scenes photo documentary on her work as a wedding photographer but when she came down with the flu the week before the wedding she asked if I would also help her by assisting and do a bit of second shooting. I nervously agreed and was both more exhausted and had more fun than I could have imagined!

Kristina and Adam’s wedding was in Federal Hill, with a later reception at the National Aquarium, and I got to help photograph the women getting ready, the ceremony, and some of the bridal party portraits. The bride and groom and everyone in the bridal party was incredibly sweet and easy-going and you’d never know how bad Katherine was feeling during the day because she completely gave it her all! All the best to Kristina and Adam in their life together and thanks to Katherine for having me join her!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day!

KEP Wedding-7.jpg
KEP Wedding-24.jpg
KEP Wedding-26.jpg
KEP Wedding-41.jpg
KEP Wedding-38.jpg
KEP Wedding-53.jpg
KEP Wedding-46.jpg
KEP Wedding-59.jpg
KEP Wedding-64.jpg
KEP Wedding-150.jpg
KEP Wedding-134.jpg
KEP Wedding-140.jpg
KEP Wedding-137.jpg
KEP Wedding-146.jpg
KEP Wedding-153.jpg
KEP Wedding-159.jpg
KEP Wedding-156.jpg
KEP Wedding-166.jpg
KEP Wedding-168.jpg
KEP Wedding-194.jpg

Before you leave, check out the following!

Golden Hour


When you work out in the country, every road is a new adventure.  I managed to leave a job site just before 5 one day this week, when the sun was starting to move towards the horizon, casting long shadows and a creamy hue on all it touched, appropriately known as the golden hour.  I drove past field and barns and fences and pulled over nearly every half a mile to jump out of the car and make a shot with the seemingly perfect backdrop illuminating all.  It was definitely below freezing and I hate shooting in gloves, so my fingers quickly went numb (second time this week - oh well I'll take some pain for my art) and people driving by probably wondered what in the hell this crazy girl was doing (car still running with flashers on in the road), but whatever this is rural Maryland and I'll let them wonder.  No editing needed and I'm officially in love with my new f1.8 lens. I actually really love the fixed lens aspect, aside from the great aperture and better glass, it's one less thing for me to think about and changes how I view composition. Enjoy!  I sure as hell did :)