Sherwood Gardens


I can’t believe I lived in Baltimore for 8 years before I stumbled upon Sherwood Gardens.  I had heard of it, but never realized the full extent of the grounds and the plantings.  Honestly, I thought it was a median strip across from the Hopkins campus and therefore never made the effort.  I’m not sure what prompted my visit last April, but if felt magical.  Situated in the Guilford neighborhood, amongst large house and tree-lined streets, it was a part of a large estate donated to the city.  It felt like I walked into a medieval fairy tale, complete with someone playing the flute.  Seriously – someone was actually playing classic flute music.  Like the Pied Piper.  And children ran around him with hula hoops.  Lovers and friends picnicking and painting on blankets in the grass.  I couldn’t make this up.  Reality is so much more magical than fiction.  Have you seen the movie The 10th Kingdom?  I felt like I was in Kissing Town.

I couldn’t get over the swaths of color.  They exploded my senses and filled my camera lens.  The only other place I’ve had this precise feeling was along the banks of the Rio Darro, below the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.  Do you suppose there are places in the world that are closer to another realm?  Where the veil between worlds is thinner and seeps along the edges of time and space, giving us that feeling that our body is not quite firmly planted in this earth, but is touching some other place or time?  Or is it just fate that this day, this color, these people, this music, those flowers, have all come together just right?  How do we best live these moments?  I try so hard to hold onto the feeling of wonderment that perhaps I miss more of the magic that exists.  At these moments I want to tell everyone and no one at the same time, because it is so sacred, so beautiful that it must be shared and yet it must be kept close to the heart, because how could anyone else ever really understand how the moment feels….


And if you want to know what Kissing Town sounds like... see below. 

Last Weekend

Last weekend my parents came to visit and despite the gray skies and chilly March temperatures, we had a grand ole time!  As usual there was lots of food, lots of tasty beverages and lots of catching up and kitty time.  Since I haven't taken time to find the battery charger for my camera, these are all off my iPhone.

Walking around Fells Point.

Under Armor across the harbor. 
We didn't even go into their flagship store down the water because
I was afraid we would never come out! (soooo amazing...)

I finally understand why women get regular haircuts! 
Going to Teri from now on.

Amazing dinner at Fork and Wrench.  That place may get me to start drinking rye whiskey.

Trish time at home.

My wins from a trip to the Book Thing.

If you are a reader and ever come to Baltimore, go check out the Book Thing.  It's a free, volunteer-based and donation-based book store that is only open on the weekends.  I cannot walk out of there without an armload of books....

Instagram pic of the fresh-brewed coffee from Artifact down in Meadow Mill.

Quick glimpse of Artifacts.  Such a good thing I don't live nearby because I would be there all the time!  I love the rustic-industrial look of the interior.

We stopped at the new homebrew store under 83, Nepenthe.  I believe the name is derived from Edgar Allen Poe.  We Baltimorons love our Poe.  Long wall malts and grains.

It would not be a date if there was not beer involved!  We finally made it to the 2 year old Union Craft Brewing for a tasting and tour.  Todd and I will be back in April for the Charm City Bluegrass Festival. Can't wait!

Four taps.

Being silly.

So many cute Easter Bunnies!!  At Trove.

Having fun with Plepleus in the Wine Source.
Hand stained red from dinner's beet salad.
Moose morning coffee.
More Trish time!

Since Todd was leaving for the week I bought some fresh flowers to make myself feel better.  I learned this great tip from Diana's blog and they have not even begun to wilt in 5 days!

Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up!  I am looking forward to taking it easy, running some errands, a bit of homework and a dinner with friends.  And actually getting to spend more than an hour or two with my husband!


More like Storm-a-NOT-gettin'.  It felt like a snowday at work even though we had next to none, so I took off a couple hours early to come home and get some school work done.  Scatterplots and standard deviations anyone??  Prooooobably not.  I thought I would take this opportunity to break and share some Baltimore Love instead.

I want to print and frame this!  It makes me that much more excited for the Orioles season to begin in less than a month.  So I guess I will add two more Baltimore loves!
These Orioles...
And these Orioles!

The only place in Baltimore I have seen the latter Orioles is up at Druid Hill Park, around the reservoir.  Being around so many sparrows and starlings all the time, it is out of this world to see these bright orange birds swooping and soaring through the air!  As for the former, it's just a quick 2 mile jaunt down the Harbor to Camden Yards.  Let's Go O's!!

Baltimore Love, Day 1

I have had a love/hate relationship with Baltimore for nearly as long as I have lived here.  It's complecated and it's a discussion for another day.  But through a series of recent life events ranging in scale from nearly not important to hardly seems important I'm starting to break down the wall that I've built up around myself that keeps me from enjoying most of my everyday life. 

Today I got really excited to be living in Charm City.  There are so many awesome things happening and cropping up currently and over the next few months that I just have to share some of my excitement out here over the interwebs.

1. A dinner/knitting/Dr Who watching/catching up date tonight with a dear friend, which is spurring me to finish my classwork quickly and efficiently.  Even better is that she lives 4 blocks away.

2. The Charm City Bluegrass Festival at Union Craft Brewing in Woodberry on April 27.  I love bluegrass - it makes me feel like putting on cowboy boots and hanging out on some remote mountain in the woods with my very best friends. 

3. Union Craft Brewing, a newish brewery in the above-mentioned Woodberry neighborhood.  Seeing as my husband and I spend the majority of our honeymoon visiting 13 of Asheville's breweries, we are super-excited to have more in our own town.  We plan to take one of their Saturday tours in a few weeks when my parents come to town. 

4. Envision Baltimore, a newsletter/blog that keeps me up-to-date with all the urban development related things that are happening in the city and the region.  Who wants to read about border vacuums?!?  It has to do with our urban fabric, not carpet fabric.

5.  Last but not least, a new craft/fiber arts store and gallery opening this weekend in Highlandtown, just a quick jaunt down the park from my neighborhood - Baltimore Threadquarters.  I can't seem to get a link to it, but do a search or look it up on the Baltimore Guide.

So weeeeeehaaaaaw!  Lots of good things going on!  I'm going to try to add some each day and see how much of Baltimore I'm enjoying!