Thoughts on August

August was a mixed month of travel and home time, friends and solitude.  It seemed much longer than it actually was, perhaps because an awful lot was accomplished in a relatively short time.  It seems like everyone is anticipating the beginning of school and fall in one form or another - I don't have kids or family going back, but tomorrow traffic will get a little bit worse and football season has officially begun. 

August got off to its start in Minneapolis for my Grand Council meeting with the other 6 members of the Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity board to reassess our goals and plans for the new school year.  As usual, getting there was an interesting feat with most flights delayed and mine outright canceled, but once there we made significant progress in outlining how to finish introducing some new initiatives and making more connections with our students.  Shit gets real in August.  I always forget how early colleges start and felt like I was catching up most of the month, trying to provide everything our students need. 

As soon as I got back, I had a coaching call with my friend Alisha of Yoke and Abundance who did an amazing offering of 100 hours of coaching with 100 women for the month of August.  Our hour was spent taking a look at how I rate each area of my life and having her help me take a broad look at my life and my goals over the next three years.  It helped me hone in on how much photography really does matter in my life and how much I want to continue to make it a more significant part.  Sometimes you really do need an outside perspective to help you see your life in a different way - a 10,000 foot view if you will.

A little over a year ago I was having a conversation with my friend Michelle about how I'd never really been to Connecticut and one of my bucket list items is to visit every state and she immediately invited me to spend a weekend at her parents house in Westport so that I could check it off my list.  Finally we found a weekend and I took a bus up to New York City where I met Michelle, her fiance Kyle, and our friend Risa and then took the train the rest of the way up to CT.  The rain mucked up our plans to barbecue at the beach and hang out in the pool, but we still managed some beach walking and a visit to Two Roads Brewing plus a lot of Harry Potter talk and a lively "form your dream band" conversation.  I don't love the bus... I get really motion sick and it smelled like toilet on the way home, so instead of reading I just watched Covert Affairs and listened to Binge Mode Harry Potter - thank god for modern technology and unlimited data...

The rest of the month was actually spent almost entirely in Baltimore, with the exceptions of an evening presentation for work and a last minute portrait shoot in Annapolis for a project I'm working on.  It was all the way down by the bay, near the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, so I was able to stop by CBF for a few minutes and listen to the osprey call to each other from their nesting perches around the campus.  I think if I could live in that location I might be ok with staying in Maryland longer.... I had two photo sessions for yoga classes, one at a styled shoot and a family session.  Three of those are for projects I'm working on for my Day in the Life series, and the family shoot was for a coworker up in Carroll County at the Sunflower Garden, an amazing farm full of flowers for picking and posing - a late summer dream come true.  I worked with my photography mentor to develop my eye, style and confidence and with my women's business group to help me realize that I'm probably doing plenty, even if I don't feel like I'm doing enough of the right things, whatever those right things are.  Do we ever really know? We celebrated Todd's birthday simply with ice cream.  I worked a few events at the Creative Alliance, including a book reading by Amber Tamblyn, a Letitia van Sant show, and a Footloose Interactive Movie night.

Some friends came into town the last weekend of the month for the Orioles/Yankees game - also known as batting practice for the Yankees. (3 cheers for last place Orioles! Ugh, so pathetic....) We did some breweries and the Walters Art Gallery before the game and then stayed up way past my bedtime playing Cards Against Humanity.  I love these kids (not really kids, they are just younger than me so they get that designation) but dear lord I cannot keep up.  It's taken me all week to recover from the lack of sleep. 

So now we are heading into my favorite season of the year!  August had one week of cool temperatures and now that it's back in the 90s I want to go hide in a cave until the leaves begin to turn and it finally cools down for good.  It's football season and I've heard more than one person call September the new January.  I guess that makes sense to me.  Until I left college, September really was the start of the year, January was just a mid point.  It's the Month of Mindfulness with Year of Tranquility, so I'm trying to slow down a bit while getting a lot of projects and ideas accomplished and patiently waiting for fall. 


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