Thoughts on May

When I think back on May, the word that comes to mind is “blur.” It was a happy blur, for the most part, but it can be hard to reflect that wow, I did all those things.  The weather finally turned for the warmer this month (sometimes TOO warm; seeming to go straight from winter to summer) and I ended up traveling each weekend, but I did manage to get some self-care in as well.  Acupuncture seems to be a miracle drug for me, helping knock off the threat of a cold before we headed to Germany, and I continued with the chiropractor, therapy, and my monthly massage appointment.  This helped relieve the ton of anxiety I felt the first half of the month, with some family issues and fraternity stresses, coupled with a pending work review and fretting over leaving Trish for a week and a lack of time to myself. 

The first week of May brought the return of free live music – one of my favorite things about Baltimore – at the WTMD First Thursday concert.  There weren’t any artists I was dying to see, but I’ll never turn down a free show, especially one within walking distance and the lead signer from Low Cut Connie knew how to work a crowd, playing over, under and around his piano like a showgirl.  On weekend we headed up to New Jersey for our nephew Carter’s first birthday, where he successfully got cake and finger paint in nearly every crevice of his body, like all good one-year-olds should!  My friends Kim and Mark got engaged recently and I offered to do some engagement photos for them in the historic Fells Point neighborhood – we raced the light and wandered along the harbor, getting the beauty of the Baltimore in the background.  I am uber critical of my work, so it became another point of anxiety for me, hoping that I did a good enough job. 

The next weekend I headed to Old Town Alexandria, Virginia for a girl’s weekend getaway.  Even though we all live in the same neighborhood, as we get older it gets harder to see each other, so it was great to spend some time with them, drinking wine, dancing MILES AND MILES at a local club, wandering through an art gallery, exchanging stories and secrets.  The weekend did remind me just how much of an introvert I am though because while I loved spending time with them, after just 36 hours I desperately needed some alone time and was sick most of Sunday recovering (NOT from a hangover!!).  At this point, I was also trying to put all the finishing touches on everything to prepare leaving for a week – packing, editing engagement photos, fraternity invoices, work projects – as well as trying to get enough sleep and rid myself of a creeping cold.  As a part of our BSO subscription, we got tickets to PULSE: Moon Taxi, a collaboration between the symphony and indie rock bands, for the night before our trip.  I was on the fence about doing something the night before vacation, but it ended up being an incredible show and an opportunity to forget some of my anxiety and just enjoy the music.

I’ll go more in-depth regarding our Germany trip in a future post, but some of the highlights included:

  • Hiking the German countryside
  • Conversations with Jonah
  • Lingering meals and tea with Jordana
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Munich beer gardens
  • ALL THE BIKES in Munich
  • The train system
  • Cool, dark, quiet nights

On the way back, I DID finally end up with the cold I was fighting and was knocked out for two days.  Fortunately, we scheduled the trip to return on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, so laying around and finishing books was the only thing I had to worry about.  I concluded the month with a solo date to SOUL: The Stax Musical at Center Stage (so so good), a meeting with my business coach and the Maryland Gubernatorial Candidates Forum on Transportation – because easing back into life apparently isn’t my style. 

June has already been extremely busy, a four-letter word I honestly hate, but accurately described the first weekend of the month.  I’ve got a lot of goals for this month, including eating as locally as possible, getting better technically with my camera, and doing yoga every day.  I’m already feeling some stress from trying to do it all, so I know I need to focus on those moments “in between” when I need to just pause, breathe and reset. 

Notable May Accomplishments

Books read:

Books finished (previously started before this month):

Music/Cultural Events:


  • New Jersey
  • Alexandria
  • Germany

Other Accomplishments:

(Photos, L to R, Top to Bottom: With our nephew; engagement session; girls weekend; Moon Taxi; Munich beer garden; hikes with friends; German countryside; Todd at the Mercedes Benz Museum; us in Heidelberg; us at Neuschwanstein; with our new favorite toddler; happy cat back home)