Thoughts on April

April was a month.  Half of it was a creative delight and the other half felt like a cluster of incidents that just wouldn't quit.  Mercury seemed to jump into retrograde early and linger too long, like a guest at a party who is still drinking and telling jokes while the hosts have already cleaned up and changed for bed.  Since March is always a lion of work, I was hoping April would be the lamb and provide a bit of respite.  So not the case.  Various incidents kept pounding one after another until I wanted to throw my hands up and yell "UNCLE!!" 

The other half of my energy was full, yet in a positively fulfilling way.  I've been participating in Kimberly Wilson's Year of Tranquility and April's theme was "Creativity."  I tried to infuse a bit more creativity into my days by getting back into the habit of writing and meditating, regular artist dates and photographing.  I did about half of Susannah Conway's April Love photo challenge and also took myself on a few photo dates - Easter with friends, Sherwood Gardens, downtown Baltimore.  In the middle of the month my parents and brother came for a visit and we took walks around town, saw an Irish music showcase (including my friend Shannon!!) and spent some quiet time together on a rainy day.  The following weekend Todd and his dad went to a show, giving me a rare evening to myself which I spent doing Kimberly's Spring Virtual Retreat, including writing, yoga and art journaling.  Todd and I spent a day at the end of the month volunteering then enjoying live music at the Charm City Bluegrass Festival

I saw a lot of great music throughout the month, some down the street at the Creative Alliance where I often volunteer (Joan Shelley, Anna & Elizabeth, The East Pointers, Monica Rizzio) and some requiring travel in the region - Lancaster to see Julien Baker and Annapolis to see Lindi Ortega.  So much powerful music by amazing women this month!  I also continued my self care and body healing with chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage.  I'm slowly learning and making connections regarding my body and how to heal.  There were multiple dates with friends and Baltimore's Light City Festival.  A sewing class and a visit to the knitting store.  My takeaway at the end of the month is while everything I did was incredibly fulfilling, I also know my limits and that I need to say no a bit more.  I didn't sleep as much as I need and started overeating sugar again.  Sometimes saying no and staying home to eat a good meal, take a walk, read a book and go to bed early are the best medicine.  

As May gears up to be a full travel month, I'm reflecting on the things I need to do to stay calm and whole while out of my comfort zone and overstimulated.  I'm already loving the warmer weather, even though winter never bothers me, and even though we kind of skipped spring here in Baltimore.  Writing, reading, meditating and sleeping are the things I'll keep coming back to when I need to revisit stability in my every day.