I am really excellent at finding more work for myself.  Most people reading this know that in addition to my full time job as a landscape architect and this little photography gig, I'm also the national treasurer/financial manager for the professional fraternity for Architecture and the Allied arts, Alpha Rho Chi.  Every year in March we hold our annual Convention and business meeting in a different city around the country.  I've been to some amazing places (New Orleans! Portland! Buffalo!) and this year it came to my home grounds of Baltimore.  Yay!  As much as I love travel, I wore myself out last fall and was thrilled to have everyone come to me instead for a change.  Our entire team worked our butts off for this event and have a little bit of post-Convention exhaustion going on.  Since I do this photography thing, I tend to photograph the event in addition to my other roles and since it's something I do of my own desire to torture myself, I tend to take awhile editing and posting any photos.  This year I also led a short architectural photography tour around downtown Baltimore, some places I had never been in my 10 years in the city, so it was as educational to me as I hope it was for anyone who participated.  I've never done any kind of tour or teaching, and it was fun to talk with the students about how I see and photograph the world and then see their results.  

I'm trying to catch up on several dozen things at once right now, and all I really want to do is keep planning our Germany trip (!!) for which we leave in about 3.5 weeks.  Since I've been mostly in Maryland since December, I'm really excited to stretch my travel photography wings again!  

Here are some of the captures from Convention weekend back in March.  It was held and the Grand Baltimore, which is the MOST amazing venue.  It was build and owned by the Maryland Freemasons in the 1860s until the early 2000s when it was renovated and turned into an event venue.  I don't have too many photos showcasing the interior architecture, but it was pretty incredible.  Our opening reception was at the National Aquarium - a true Baltimore gem.