Thoughts on January

I just hauled Trish up to sit on my lap while I write because otherwise she won't stop crying.  The same thing defined a lot of January - time spent being sat on by the cat, moments of stillness with written words.  Of course, there are probably few that would consider my January a month of stillness.  4 of 5 weeks had some kind of travel or visit associated with them, but to me it felt like a slow month with quiet and cozy and stillness a priority.  My goals were simple: write and meditate daily, go to the gym and yoga weekly, read a few books, ponder "life experiments."  I did actually write and meditate and learn German every day; I'm hoping that it has now sunk in as a very good habit, as much as brushing my teeth is a habit I would not do without.  I fell pretty content and happy, so perhaps mission accomplished and mission to be continued.  

We welcomed the year with my best friend Cait in Virginia.  The week that followed had live music, a party with friends and a day seeing Todd's dad, then venturing out to dinner on the coldest night of the year (we spent most of the weekend in sweatpants with blankets and cat and spaceheaters).  The next weekend we went to DC to see Walk the Moon at the Anthem - KICKASS show and venue.  Since driving to DC blows, we stayed with some friends in Virginia then wandered around downtown on Saturday photographing architecture.  As a cold - also known as the Floura Teeter plague - slowly crept up on me, I headed to Phoenix, Arizona where I met with the rest of the Alpha Rho Chi Grand Council for our semi-annual board of directors meeting.  Since we spend 2 days talking and planning non-stop I feel fortunate that this group of people have become some of my closest friends.  Plus there was a lemon and orange tree in the backyard and I loaded my suitcase with fresh citrus to bring home.  To say I was obsessed with smelling the lemons might be an understatement.  

I read several books, started Kimberly Wilson's Year of Tranquility, and found as many ways as possible to hear live music (Baltimore Symphony subscription, free Peabody recitals, volunteering at the Creative Alliance).  I also allowed myself time to rest and recover from being sick, sleeping and watching TV instead of forcing myself to do any number of "shoulds."  So I'm feeling pretty good going into February.  I have dates planned with Todd and with friends, a quilting class at the end of the month, dreaming and planning some big trips later this year, and slowly taking care of "unfinished business."  It's already off to a good start with music, books, tacos and mezcal.