Postcards from the Future

I am both excited for and anxious about this coming season of travel.  After a full month soundly within state lines, Saturday kicked of 4 months of pretty consistent travel and adverturing with a visit to family in New Jersey.  I mean, I LOVE travel and am pretty damn lucky to be able to do a lot of its, but it's exhausting as well.  To get back late Sunday night and have to hit the ground running (sometimes crawling) at work the next day, catch up with Todd and parental phone calls and housework  from the weekend, chasing laundry and cooking sleeping all week....never feeling like I can get into a rhythm.  Sometimes it sucks.  

There are a lot of people who comment on my life and tell me how "busy" I am.  I fucking hate that word.  My life is full and I do have to make decisions about what I do and who I see.  Business is  direct result of my anxiety and I work hard to manage both.  Very often I will have an idea of what I want to do during the week and realize I just need that time at home.  None of these decisions is ever easy.  It's hard to choose between self care and seeing my family, or taking a photography gig in town or seeing a close friend this one time a year.  That's why a decision to do one thing is also a decision not to do something else.  I make a decision to be on the board of the fraternity in addition to my full time job.  I make a decision to see friends across the country.  I do regret not seeing local friends enough.  I miss my cat like crazy every time I leave and usually have a good cry. I am grateful that I have the ability to decide that I will travel and it is not dictated to me by my job. My parents gifted me with the ability to travel from a young-ish age and the confidence to make explorations on my own.

So yes, I am very excited for these next months and also working hard with my therapist to ensure I take into account self-care and transition time and, oh yea, getting my paying job done and prioritized.  I make sure I have items of comfort with me like warm clothes, plenty of water, snacks and ear plugs, Harry Potter.  I'm learning that I have to go to bed before most other people.  That there is nothing wrong with showing up to the airport 2 hours before my flight to avoid the unavoidable panic that ensues otherwise.  (One run across the airport and asthma attack was all it took to make sure THAT never happened again.)  I'm criss-crossing the country to see friends, network with professionals, work with students and dream about my future.  I am excited to photograph and write and laugh and read.  To send postcards.  To talk to Todd and look at pictures of Trish when I get tired of the road (or the sky).

I'm bouncing from Ohio to Utah to Alabama to New York to Louisiana to California to Vermont, bookending with family in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  I'm planning to send postcards and to make my own.  

And since I feel like I learn how to travel better with each trip, please let me know if you have any tips that work well for you.  Just know that I will ALWAYS get to the airport with 2 hours to spare.