Summer at the Farm

Turner Farm-13.jpg

This summer I spent a weekend with Kelly in Cincinnati doing typical Kelly and Emily things like walking through the woods, drinking coffee, drinking wine, eating and doing both everything and nothing all at the same time.  The week before my trip she called me up to ask if I'd want to get up early one morning to visit a local farm.  Absolutely!  One of her and Conrad's friends works at Turner Farm as a part of his CSA and we took a trip just outside of Cincinnati to "help" feed pigs and chickens and pet sheep and horses.  It's a working farm, so most of the animals there are for food.  It's beautiful and vast - you'd hardly know you were a stone's throw from the city.  I fell in love with the two gorgeous Palomino horses and we laughed at the tickle of lamb tongues and antics of the pigs eating their breakfast.  Seeing the meat chickens was humbling - their short lives last only about 6 weeks and their time outside must be under movable pens to protect them from predators.  I choose not to eat meat, but if I did, I think being a part of the entire life of the animal is the way to do it.