New Orleans is Sinking

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Hot damn it's half past October.  I write about New Orleans to the sounds of Tragically Hip (RIP Gord Downie), which is appropriately timely.  As most of my trips have been this fall, this one was quick - a bit of business, a bit of fun and back home and back to work.  Just enough time to take a deep breath and before I can let it out I'm on the road again.  It feels like I'm on the Knight Bus - BANG I'm in Cincinnati then BANG I'm in Utah BANG Birmingham BANG Pittsburgh BANG where am I?  My first thought stepping out of the airport was Why do people live here??? I'm from the north where we like our seasons and lack of humidity thank-you-very-much.  I've never been somewhere that you just don't dry

The visit was for the Alpha Rho Chi Leadership Conference, where we fly all our chapter presidents to a university and present various fraternity and leadership related topics.  I haven't been to one since I was a Regional Director back in 2012 and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting our students and hearing their feedback and ideas.  If you have ever lost hope in the current college generation, spend a few minutes among our students and you will see that indeed these kids are striving for more, not at all willing to be pushed aside.  They have ideas to generate and goals to meet.  It keeps me humble and reminds me that I definitely do not have all the answers.  

Thankfully one of my friends went to college at Tulane and provided an agenda for our one free day, so I didn't have to do my usual over planning, which involves staring at a lot of maps.  The highlights were the most amazing cinnamon roll I've ever had at District Donuts, an amazing vegan hotdog at Dat Dog (they had to explain what the heck WHO DAT meant), walking around the Garden District with resurrection ferns dripping off the trees and framing the stunning southern architecture.  Having drinks at the top of the Pontchartrain Hotel with a view out to the entire city.  The oddness of beads covering every surface.

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