Up and Running!

Hooray!!  I finally have the website up and running!  I've spent hours over the last few days turning two blogs into this website.  My hope is to keep (start?) writing the blog, but also to be able to add to my photography gallery since one of my 2016 goals is to pursue that creative outlet as a bigger part of my life.  What does that mean?  I don't fully know yet!  I'm a little trippy right now since I haven't been able to see properly since December 31 when I lost my glasses on the street in San Antonio after buying a large metal cactus and the new ones haven't arrived yet, plus it's past my bedtime, I'm giddy about finishing this, and I have a David Bowie documentary on in the background.  I'm also a little irritated because I shot RAW for the first time while in Texas, and my Adobe Photoshop needs an update I can't seem to install to open RAW photos and I'm afraid to download Lightroom in case it slows my computer even more.  This is actually the second website I've set up this week; my best friend and I are starting a lifestyle blog after talking about it for several years - go check it out!  www.imperfecthappiness.com (You may just get an about page and some test posts at the moment, but coming soon!) Have a delicious night, and here's to no more dreams about webpages!