5 Good Things

I had a really crappy week last week where every day I felt like I needed to hit the restart button and try again.  My work computer imploded for two days, I got rear-ended on my morning commute, a coworker I enjoyed working with and was just getting to know left our company, Todd was out of town, and more little things that kept adding up.  As a result I wanted to try to come up with the things in the week that were actually good, and try to remember those instead of the other crap.  I meant to do this Friday, but better now than never.

1. Coming home to two furry faces every day:

2. Study date with my friend Kim.
3. Making progress on the kitchen "remodel" (i.e. - painting the cabinets and adding leather knobs).
4. Seeing The Hello Strangers at the Creative Alliance Friday night.
5. Hearing a "We're Expecting" announcement in person from some good friends.
And a bonus:
6. A hilarious text conversation regarding rats in hotel rooms with a traveling friend.
C- "It was gone when I came back so I didn't get to interrogate it."