More like Storm-a-NOT-gettin'.  It felt like a snowday at work even though we had next to none, so I took off a couple hours early to come home and get some school work done.  Scatterplots and standard deviations anyone??  Prooooobably not.  I thought I would take this opportunity to break and share some Baltimore Love instead.

I want to print and frame this!  It makes me that much more excited for the Orioles season to begin in less than a month.  So I guess I will add two more Baltimore loves!
These Orioles...
And these Orioles!

The only place in Baltimore I have seen the latter Orioles is up at Druid Hill Park, around the reservoir.  Being around so many sparrows and starlings all the time, it is out of this world to see these bright orange birds swooping and soaring through the air!  As for the former, it's just a quick 2 mile jaunt down the Harbor to Camden Yards.  Let's Go O's!!