Last Weekend

Last weekend my parents came to visit and despite the gray skies and chilly March temperatures, we had a grand ole time!  As usual there was lots of food, lots of tasty beverages and lots of catching up and kitty time.  Since I haven't taken time to find the battery charger for my camera, these are all off my iPhone.

Walking around Fells Point.

Under Armor across the harbor. 
We didn't even go into their flagship store down the water because
I was afraid we would never come out! (soooo amazing...)

I finally understand why women get regular haircuts! 
Going to Teri from now on.

Amazing dinner at Fork and Wrench.  That place may get me to start drinking rye whiskey.

Trish time at home.

My wins from a trip to the Book Thing.

If you are a reader and ever come to Baltimore, go check out the Book Thing.  It's a free, volunteer-based and donation-based book store that is only open on the weekends.  I cannot walk out of there without an armload of books....

Instagram pic of the fresh-brewed coffee from Artifact down in Meadow Mill.

Quick glimpse of Artifacts.  Such a good thing I don't live nearby because I would be there all the time!  I love the rustic-industrial look of the interior.

We stopped at the new homebrew store under 83, Nepenthe.  I believe the name is derived from Edgar Allen Poe.  We Baltimorons love our Poe.  Long wall malts and grains.

It would not be a date if there was not beer involved!  We finally made it to the 2 year old Union Craft Brewing for a tasting and tour.  Todd and I will be back in April for the Charm City Bluegrass Festival. Can't wait!

Four taps.

Being silly.

So many cute Easter Bunnies!!  At Trove.

Having fun with Plepleus in the Wine Source.
Hand stained red from dinner's beet salad.
Moose morning coffee.
More Trish time!

Since Todd was leaving for the week I bought some fresh flowers to make myself feel better.  I learned this great tip from Diana's blog and they have not even begun to wilt in 5 days!

Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up!  I am looking forward to taking it easy, running some errands, a bit of homework and a dinner with friends.  And actually getting to spend more than an hour or two with my husband!