Buy what you Love and Love What you Buy

I've been trying hard to be very deliberate with what I buy recently and both my attitude and bank account have been benefitting from it. Though harder to do, I love the quote I read years back that says "Buy only what you adore." That's not always possible (no one except Martha adores cleaning supplies or socks) but it does ring true for me. Clothes do have an effect on your mood and I have noticed being pretty happy the past couple days with my outfits - plus it's nice when people complement you! They key with those days is that they were all things I really love, not just something I purchased because it would do for the time being.

A good example is the gorgeous burgundy leather Latico bag I bought from Poppy and Stella this weekend. I had been lusting over it since November and, while still not cheap, it was on sale at a great discount. I've been wanting a nice transitional work/life bag for several years but stuck with my old (hideous) black 2007 JC Penny college bag until I found what I really want. By waiting and saving I will end up saving more money than getting something new from Target every year or two.

It's about waiting, always looking, and not settling for something unless you have to. Get things that will last you years, not seasons.

Things I love with my outfit today:
- My engagement and wedding rings. So glad I got the wedding band I really wanted and spent a tad more. I will wear it every day the rest of my life!
- Rose gold and crystal Luicen Piccard watch. It matches the bands and I found it for a great deal on Gilt.
- Fossil shoes. Black and brown ballet flats with buckles. I have worn them 3-4 of 5 work days every week since I bought them a month and a half ago. Also on sale via Amazon.
- Pearl and resin flower necklace from Tom's Designs on Etsy.
- Glittery iPhone case
- Essie Cute As A Button nail polish

And of course my sparkly gorilla. :)