Weekend in Early Fall

Although it is not yet fall, this weekend felt like the first weekend of the season.  Cool mornings, bright, clear blue skies, the smell of hemlock.  We headed up to State College to meet my family and TL's sister for the PSU vs Navy game and really could not have asked for a better weekend.  Friday got off to a slow start, but we finally made it up the ridge to Greenwood Furnace State Park a little after 10pm Friday night and popped up my tiny 1.5 person backpacking tent in 5 minutes flat before the drizzle turned into a downpour.  I fell asleep to the sound of crickets and raindrops and awoke to the babble of jays.  It tends to be so long between camping trips for me that I forget how much I crave the sounds of nature.

Saturday included tooling around town with the family, the world's best coffee at Saint's and an alumni rally in front of Old Main, where Franco Harris, Anthony Lubrano and several others spoke regarding the poor actions of the BOT and calling for transparency.  It was incredibly moving to be surrounded by my Penn State family, all joined together to support OUR university and to ensure that whatever happens is in the best interest of it and its students.  Then, of course, we saw the first win of the season and of Coach O'Brien.  I was so proud of the respect all of our fans paid to the visiting Midshipmen of Navy.  Their marching band played "Hey Baby" with the trumpeters of the Blue Band - all coming together as one family on Military Appreciation Day from both sides of the field.

Waiting for Todd in front of Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The two streets I lived on in State College.

One of my favorite places in the world - Saint's Cafe.

I've always loved this painting at Saint's.

Early fall light streaming into Saints.


My new hat.

Rally at Old Main.

Squint and you can see the Steelers logo in the window at Old Main!

Early morning drunks singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

National Champion Dance Team.

Todd's new hat.

Penn State squirrel!

Where the Paterno statue was.

Bill the Goat.

Waiting for the pizza.


Hanging around the campfire.

Todd's favorite (not mine!)

Definitely a tent for one, not two.

Beautiful Central PA.

The mist looks like the land is on fire.