30 x 30

It's good to have goals.  I think most of our goals either tend to be lofty (have a family, start a business, go to grad school) or very simple (get the house clean, write thank you notes), but what about the ones in between?  The things we mention in passing everyday that eventually we want to get around to doing.  How many times do we look back and realize that 2 years have gone by and we have never done those little things? Here is my attempt at the 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 - that end date is June 12, 2014, so I have just under 1 year and 9 months.

In no particular order: 1. Own a digital SLR. 2. Visit 5 more states. 3. Go backpacking. 4. Finish Jane Austen's novels. 5. Visit family in Boston. 6. Have a bar cart. 7. Learn how to make cocktails. 8. Visit Karen in Portland. 9. Take a knitting class. 10. Assemble the Rome Book. 11. Hike Gunpowder Falls. 12. Fish with Todd's dad. 13. Volunteer with a local conservancy or farm. 14. Have a native plant garden. 15. Make cheese. 16. Catch up on sewing projects. 17. Camp with friends. 18. Rent a house in Deep Creek for a weekend. 19. Make a great meal for friends. 20. Start a fashion/lifestyle blog with Cait. 21. Run a race again. 22. Start an IRA. 23. Watch Jane Austen movies with the girls. 24. Make donuts. 25. Go to a music festival. 26. Visit Fort McHenry. 27. Make a Kiva loan. 28. Learn how to wear lipstick. 29. See a show at the 8x10. 30. Go birding in Patterson Park.

And so that Todd doesn't forget the ones he has made so far: 1. Camp with the guys. 2. See Dave Matthews Band (again). 3. Finish the beer club at Mahaffy's. 4. Write in blog. 5. Watch Dr. Who with friends. 6. Get a new TV for the bedroom. 7. Go to a Flyers game. 8. Go to a Philly's game. 9. Brew another batch of beer.

I have a lot of other things too, but they are more of getting in the habit of doing something - get my hair cut on a regular basis, print our wedding pictures, write more letters.  As I go through my things I will explain them a bit as well.  Wish me luck!