My name is Emily Lewis. I am a lover of travel, books and trees. I grew up in Pittsburgh and have called Baltimore home for the past 11 years with my husband and cat but dream of moving to the woods of Vermont.  I feel equally comfortable deep in the city and out in the country.  Unless there are cows running at me.    

I notice the details of the world. The way the shadows hit a building in the mid-afternoon, how a mother’s hand tenderly touches her child, the technique of an artist with his brush. When I look around I can visualize what it will look in a still moment and if I can manipulate this machine in my hand, I can translate the image in my head into one that can be shared with other people.  When I photograph, the world slows down around me and I move myself in and out of the scene to get the composition exactly as it speaks to me.  I capture the juxtaposition of nature and man-made, wild and urban, light and color to show the world in a way not always visible to our daily speed. Life makes sense when I see it through my lens.   

I collect bits of nature that sit on a yard-saled secretary desk that is a sanctuary in my little row home.  I love coffee, black, and decaf.  I eat mostly vegan and as local as possible.  I grew up riding horses and running trails, learning the latin names of trees and taking way too many pictures of my friends.  My parents enabled me to travel, including an epic cross-country family road trip at 15 and a semester studying abroad in Italy in college.  I criss-cross the country regularly each year and value the friendships I have around the world.  Nothing is better than an early morning in my parents' kitchen. Music and art feed my soul.

My photography explores both people and the landscape.  I love capturing raw, candid moments of human interaction and telling a story through those moments. The world is a marvel to me and I want to transport you to places you've never seen and remind you of those that resonate deep within your heart. 

You can connect with me via EMAIL, FACEBOOK, or INSTAGRAM

Banner photo by Cherisse Otis Photos